Renaissance Illusion Painting
Renaissance Illusion Painting
Renaissance Illusion Painting

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  · Restorations
  · Floors
  · Furniture
  · Lettering
  · Marble/Stone
  · Murals
  · Nebulas
  · Plaster
  · Repair Work
  · Stencils
  · Walls/ceilings
  · Wood Grain
About Renaissance Illusion Painting

"Renaissance Illusion Painting" is your old world connection for European plasters, faux effects, murals, trompe l’oeil, marble and stone effects, gilding, antiquating and decorative finishes for walls and furniture.

"Renaissance Illusion Painting" is committed to providing all work in a professional manner, using the most extensive, highest quality, and environmentally friendliest, nontoxic material available.

The products are of waterborne technology, formulated with the finest selection of raw materials, and designed to ensure lasting beauty of the creation of fine faux and decorative finishes.

All artistic unrelated work necessary to complete the job will be either performed or subcontracted by "Renaissance Illusion Painting" to experienced and professional craftsmen.

About The Artist
Born and raised in Bavaria, a region in Southern Germany that borders Austria, the artist completed a three-year apprenticeship with the late Josef Moest, a well-known painter from Leuterschach, Bavaria. Surrounded by magnificent castles, breathtaking churches, old courthouses, and ancient monasteries, his love for painting grew. He began his first faux marbling job on a church organ in 1965. Held to exacting standards by the "Master," Mr. Gabler’s expertise evolved. After receiving his painting degree from the Painters' Gild (Handwerkskammer in Augsburg, Germany), the artist's work later took him to Italy, France, and Austria.

A world traveler, while on vacation in the United States, Mr. Gabler decided to stay a while to see the country. He remained in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area for over 25 years, building a business specializing in painting and restoration of high-end European cars. After selling his business a few years ago, Mr. Gabler returned to his first love, illusion painting. He specializes in old-world European finishes (including marble, stone, and wood) and the art of Italian plasters, creating unique results with paint and gilding.

A true professional in his craft, Mr. Gabler is skilled in old-world materials, while remaining current with the latest, environmentally-friendly materials available. Obtaining a quality, custom outcome requires use of different foundations, products, and textures, combined with correct preparation and knowledge of consistency, chemistry, and reactions of various materials. Adding to his expertise, Mr. Gabler’s artistic eye and attention to detail creates the perfect ambiance for your home or office.

Commitment to quality and staying up-to-date with current design trends requires on-going education. Mr. Gabler has studied with international artists Patrisia Labeye from Lyon, France; Nicola Vigini from Rome, Italy; Mat Carlsson and Lotta Olsson from the Palm Fine Arts Academy in Norrkoeping, Sweden; and many others.

Herbert explains the "Art of Gilding" to his sons.


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